Upside - Down  Saw #1



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Upside-Down Saw # 1

Ferraro Engineering introduces the Upside-Down Saw # 1, designed to aid sectioning from the bottom (dowel pin) side up towards the margin, virtually eliminating accidental sawing into the pins. The saw is particularly effective for lower anteriors: the dowel pins act as a guide for the blade.  The large base and suction cup feet stabilize the saw in a way that is unachievable by the traditional method of bracing the inverted saw between the technician and the countertop.

 The Upside-Down Saw will accept .010 (standard) or .007 (ultra thin) 5 pinned blades, you may choose from our diverse line of blades.

For an explanation of various blade terminology and configurations click on link:

Saw Blades Definition and Price

Price $225.00 U.S. Currency


Updated 10-05