Tech-7 RPD



New For 2011

The Tech-7 now comes with a  Square Surveyor Base (see below) and arm-rest for greater versatility. 


The TECH-7 is a dual articulated arm RPD instrument.

One arm is dedicated to the electronic block-out, a heated arbor that maintains precisely controlled temperature.

The heated arbor can be raised, lowered or rotated effortlessly.

The other arm is dedicated to the surveying functions and procedures.

It has a unique push button chuck to advance (extend) the carbon marker.

Undercut gauges and carbon markers are easily interchanged.

Both the heating and surveying tubes have a  friction adjustment knob.

This unit was designed to use many of the same components of our
Omega Milling Machine. It can easily be converted to a milling machine with our motor and arm accessory package.

NOW with two (right & left) triple jointed Hand - Rests that support and track your Heated Arbor / Surveying Tool movement and reduce fatigue. 


Price: $4,900.00 (U.S. currency)

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# 1

# 2




1. Remove tilting model platform from Tech-7

 2. Remove metal pin from tilting model platform

 3. Insert #2 on square Surveyor Base #3

4. It can now be used with a Ney Surveyor



Dec-21-2010 code #4125