Saw Blades / Definition & Price

Length Of Saw blade

Usually measured from pin to pin, however sometimes
rounded off to the nearest inch.

3, 4 & 5 inch Blades available.

Thickness of Saw Blade

Blades can be ordered with.

.010 (ten thousands of an inch) Standard Thickness.
.007 (seven thousands of an inch) Ultra Thin.

Teeth Per Inch

Blades can be ordered with

18.5 teeth per inch Standard cut.
25 teeth per inch fine cut.

For an in depth understanding of saw blades and sawing technique please click on link.

 For sawing technique only click on link

Ferraro Blades are pre-coated with
FG Silicone.

All .010 (ten thousands of an inch) Blades

$9.00 per dozen,   $45.00 per 100 blades.

All .007 (seven thousands of an inch) Blades

$10.50 per dozen,  $55.00 per 100 blades.

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