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Milling Machine Porcelain Instruments Model & Die

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Milling Machines  Electric&Air  

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MX-7 Milling Machine/Electric



Our standard MX-7 Electric and Air Milling Machines are now available in the ULTRA-SERIES

The Ultra Series come with an offset column arm and a digital-assisted model platform

MX-7 Ultra Milling Machine

 MX-7 Ultra Dental Milling Machine

MX-7 Milling Machine/Air



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MX-7 Ultra Dental Milling Machine Air



Da Vinci #1

    Re- Configure any MX Series
into another MX Series
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USA#1 Milling Arm

Dental Mill & Drill Attachment

Mill&Drill Attachment




Electric Milling Motor

Angle Attachment

Precision X-Y Table

Precision X-Y Model Platform
With Digital Angle Gauge


Dual adjustable Hand - Rest

Dental Milling & Surveying Instrument



with Electric Blockout

Compact-7 Ultra

Precision Stent/Surgical Template

 Drill & Mill Machines



Precision Dental Stent Drill

 Precision Stent Drill -1

Milling Supplies



High Speed Milling Wax

Dental (Practice) Milling  Model

Milling Fluids&Paste


Assorted Dental Milling Burs



The Mechanics of Milling

Technical Article



Porcelain Instruments

Da Vinci   "Magma Series"
Porcelain Working Instruments


Model & Die


Dental Power Die and Model Saw-System

Power / Model&Die Saw-System

Dental Power Die and Model Saw-Essentials

Power Die Saw / Essentials

The System can be seen in Dental Lab Products Jan 06 issue


Dental Power Model and Die Saw Basic

Power Die Saw-Basic


The Upside-Down Saw Deluxe 


Upside-Down Saw # 1


Adjustable Model Vise



Model Sectioning Vise # 1


Model & Die Saw Deluxe


Model & Die Saw


Dental Saw blades for
Power or hand saw

Price & Availability 



For a comprehensive
description of Dental
Saw Blades


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*Most Milling Machines are offered in both Electric or Air, photo's may only show one version.


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