Highriser RPD

Highriser Deluxe

Re-designed for 2011 now with Hand Rest

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Highriser RPD

The 2011 version is enhanced for greater versatility

The   Highriser RPD  is a pendulum arm Block-out/Survey Instrument for fabricating removable partial dentures.

The innovative design concept allows fluid movement: the arm can freely swing back and forth, rotate, or move up or down.

The model stays stationary.

Designed to increase production and reduce the drudgery of traditional block-out i.e. no more sliding the mounted model under the undercut tool of a Ney type surveyor.

If required the model and model tilt platform can be transferred to a Ney type surveyor, if used by other departments.


Arm can be locked to hold it at a set vertical height
Spring tension is easily adjusted to individual preference.

Heating element handpiece (shown on right hand side) is designed for easy use and various size tips are available
A convenient attachment holder on the column for handpiece not in use, switching from one to the other takes seconds.

The temperature control maintains precise settings, from warm to the touch to wax liquefying temperatures.

A lead holding/tool holder handpiece (shown mounted) accepts a full four inch lead instead of the customary short pieces and advances the lead with a click button.


The pendulum can rotate side to side and be moved towards or away from you to accommodate extra large models.
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Block-out and Survey Attachments
Tilt Model Holder
Electronic Heat Control
Red, Black and Blue lead

Price: $3,500.00 (U.S. currency)

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January 2009

Dec-2010 code # 2999