MX-5 Electric
Milling Motor/Arm Upgrade


Owners of the MX-5  now have the option to add electric motor capabilities with our Electric Milling Motor/Arm Upgrade.

   The Electric Motor/Arm can be installed or removed in approximately 1 minute, allowing you to alternate between the original Air- Motor or our new electric- motor to suite a specific milling requirement.

Features that you will find useful are

* Our Electric Motor produces tremendous torque from low to high speeds, ( 5,000 to 20,000 rpm ) this is especially desirable for heavy metal reduction i.e., milling bars

*The ease that the RPM can be set and maintained ( with its full-wave electronic speed control )   you simply set the dial to the desired RPM

* The Electric Motor Attachment comes with a Foot-Pedal

* The motor can accept a wide range of burs to include friction-grip, lab-handpiece,
(traditional European milling bur diameter) and Ferraro milling burs

*Our Electric Motor runs very quiet (air motors are generally  louder)

*The convince of not requiring air pressure to be available

     List Price $ 999.00 US Currency

Photos and graphics by Vince Ferraro