Milling Wax

Dental milling wax is formulated to have unique properties not found in carving (inlay) wax, it is generally harder with a higher melting temperature.

  High Speed Milling Wax

We offer three milling waxes;  #1  the least hard and #3  our hardest, when used with our wax milling cutters (RCT) and  milling technique they can be milled at higher speeds than what is generally recommended.

Most manufactories recommend using slow speed i.e., approximately 2,000 RPM to get best results.

With our system you can mill from 2,000 to 20,000 RPM and get great milled surfaces.

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A short primer :

When milling wax please be aware of the fundamentals.

1.  Speed
2.  Feed
3.  Direction of travel

Speed (rpm) of the rotary cutting tool may vary with different bur configurations and with varying feeds.

*Feed is the amount you remove with each pass. multiple light cuts generally produce the best results.

Direction refers to whether you mill right to left or left to right, for a given condition one will produce better results.

* When we use the term feed it refers to the amount of material removed with each pass, not the speed of the pass.