Precision Stent Drill-1


 Precision Stent Drill -1

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The compact design is easily stored away when no in use, making it ideal for smaller labs or Dentist office.  

With the ever increasing use of implants comes a need to drill precision holes in predetermined locations at exacting angles.

 Dental Milling Machines with drilling capabilities come closes to meeting this description however drilling is usually a secondary feature.

 Precision Stent Drill-1   was designed  to perform precision drilling functions in addition to milling applications.

 The unit features a powerful motor that produces high torque at low RPM that prevents the plastic (stent /surgical template) from overheating and causing inaccurate hole size. The motor comes with collets that allow it to accept friction grip, lab-handpiece,, and 1/8" industrial burs (collets provide greater accuracy than 3 jaw chuck).

The Model Holder (Tilt / Platform) was designed to have a low profile & wide base to better stabilize the model during drilling procedures, while still allowing you to transfer the mounted model to your surveyor if required.

The adjustable split arm design allows you to rapidly position the motor/drill over the area to be drilled and the depth stop limits how deep you drill (into the model).

Features that make our unit specifically designed for Stent Drilling.

*A motor capable of achieving high torque at low RPM

*Motor that uses highly accurate collets (not a 3 jaw chuck)

*Adjustable split arm that facilitates rapid positioning of Motor / Drill
over desired location

*Model holder with low profile and wide base design

* Large elevated table 

*Right Angle adapter that allows Model Holder to be positioned horizontally
facilitating facial / lingual drilling (available as an accessory)



This Product is scheduled to be available August-2006

List Price $1699.00 U.S. Currency

Photographs are for reference only.

We reserve the right to make design and or price changes. 


* Metal base is standard

*Shown with optional Da Vinci (solid Oak with Danish oil finish) up-grade base.

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Photos & graphics by Vincent Ferraro