Power Die Saw-Basic

Power Die Saw-Basic


Designed for the lab that wants a basic no frills power die saw & model vise.

The unit includes the power saw, 4" saw frame, model vise mounted on a  6"x 6" base and a foot pedal.

The Power  Die Saw Basic can be up-graded to a compact

Power Die Saw/Essentials

Please call for specifics

This Item is only available direct from us, there is no dealer discount on this item.

This is our first upgrade to the Power Saw since it was intriduced in 1998.

The new saw (externally) is identical to the old one but with parts made to an even higher standard.

List Price $ 1050.00 U.S. Currency

Photos & graphics by Vincent Ferraro





Feb-04-2014 (975)