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MX-5 Milling Machine

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*  Manufactured and serviced in the USA
*  Technical advice available
*  Custom (Made to Order) capability
*  Re-Tooling and Machining capability
*  Up-Grading and Retro-Fitting





The MX-5 can be up-graded with many of the same accessories as the Da Vinci

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Shown with two (right & left) triple jointed Hand- Rests that support and track your motor movement.

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The updated


We have re-engineered and re-introduced our tried and true MX-5 to accommodate the  technicians who made request for it, and to complement our vast assortment of Dental Milling Machines.

In accordance with our engineering concept of manufacturing equipment that can be upgraded, we are pleased to introduce the " 2011" MX-5 which is vastly upgraded from our MX-5 introduced in 1994.

We have re-engineered and added a offset column arm, enhancing the overall positioning of all the arms and a split motor arm that rapidly raises or lowers the motor arm to the desired height.

Enhanced features include.

1.  Positioning of the Motor/Cutting-Tool over the area to be milled.

2. Rapid alignment of the arms at an ideal angle that facilitates fluid graceful movement (no dead spots that traditional double jointed machines may have).

 3. Rapid Setting/Adjusting the vertical height of the motor/arm.

Electric Motor has the power to mill cases that require extensive metal removal i.e., Implant/Denture bars, etc. Our electric motor has high torque from 5,000 to 20,000 RPM.

Additionally with the ever increasing use of implants comes a need to drill precision holes in predetermined locations at exacting angles in Stents & Surgical Templates.

The MX-5 (Electric) features a powerful motor that produces high torque at low RPM that prevents the plastic (stent /surgical template) from overheating and causing inaccurate hole size. The motor comes with collets that allow it to accept friction grip, lab-handpiece, 3mm, and  Ferraro burs (collets provide greater accuracy than 3 jaw chuck).

 Additional reasons would be the ease that you can perform "On the fly milling" i.e., raising and lowering the motor/bur as you are milling side to side, facilitating simultaneous vertical/horizontal milling, this allows you to mill a shelf/shoulder that follows the contour of the gum line.

What comes with the MX-5 v-2011

A high torque electric motor with five collets, footpedal, Stents & Surgical Template attachment, Tapping & Surveying attachment, sample milling burs, sample milling fluid, two hours of tech support..

The Air and Electric motor arm assembly  are interchangeable and can be purchased separate, allowing the user to switch between the two.

Owners of the MX-5 can have their Milling Machines upgraded to the MX-7 (direct from us only)  


 Scheduled to be available Jan/2011

The MX-5 can be up-graded with many of the same accessories as the MX-7 or Da Vinci

Up-grading to dual milling mode allow traditional milling on the master model or with the Round Surveyor Table installed, "Analogue (transfer) Model Milling".

The X -Y axis attachment is also available for the MX-7

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   Manufactured and serviced in the USA.






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