Operating Instructions

2007 Version




A.  Surveyor Primary Platform (can be replaced)


B. Lever used to lock model at desired angle.


C. Knob used to secure model onto tilt platform.


D. Thumb screw used to secure undercut tools


E. Thumb screw used to secure undercut-gauge collet and carbon marker attachment.


 F. Thumb screw used to secure handpieces.


G.  Thumb screw used to adjust pendulum shaft tension.


H.  Thumb screw used to vertically lock pendulum arm at desired height.


I.  Spherical bearing assembly


J. Collar and thumb screw vertical depth stop


K. Thumb screw Horizontal adjustment of (I) Spherical bearing assembly


L. Vertical adjustment of pendulum arm assembly


M. Thumb screw to adjust handpiece holder


N. Lever lock/loosen rotation of column


 Electronic Blockout Handpiece shown on

 handpiece holder (M)


Temperature control (not shown).

 Older model shown with oak base