Ultimate  Surveying Instrument


*Surveyor Style
Functions similar to a traditional surveyor


*Milling Machine Style
Functions similar to a Milling Machine

The Ultimate Surveying Instrument

Art That Works

 The USI-7 may be the last surveyor  you will ever need "for several reasons".

In it's  Surveyor configuration (left photo) the USI-7 has an ultra smooth articulated arm, spring loaded vertical shaft, very large elevated surveyor platform,  model tilt platform that has a low &  wide profile for enhanced stability and can be used  in conjunction with conventional surveyors if required , unique arm / tool holder ( see photo ) and carbon marker that accepts four inch lead and functions similar to a mechanical  pencil.


In it's Milling Machine configuration (right photo)  it has the same features except the elevated surveyor platform and model tilt platform are replaced with a milling machine style model tilt platform that rotates 360 degrees.

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Undercut tools/carbon marker

List Price $975.00 U.S. Currency



The USI-7 basic can be up-graded

 (in your lab)

Because of our modular concept changing from one configuration to another can take just minutes. 

Our engineering concept was to design an integral platform that allows modular up-grading, that is to say if you own any of our MX-Series you can Re-Configure to any other MX-Series and that includes our Highriser and Tech-7 Series.

Re-Configure from USI-7 to an MX-7 Milling Machine or Highriser Pendulum Surveyor

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  Re- Configure any MX Series into another MX Series

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 Click on links below to see the various re-configuration possibilities (use browser back arrow to return to this page).


Crown & bridge

MX-5        MX-7 Electric        * MX-7 Air        Da Vinci



Highriser Pendulum Surveyor         Tech-7



* Air motor  up-grade requires connection to air line.

Surveyor Style
allows the model and the model platform to slide side to side.

Milling Machine Style
  allows the arm to slide side to side.

Photos & graphics by Vincent Ferraro

Jan-01-08 / August-09-08