Da Vinci

Dental Milling Machine


Configuration #1

Shown with it's tilt table

Configuration #2

Shown with it's X-Y table

As pictured above

List price $5,950.00 U.S. Currency

Our 2011 version has many advanced features for greater versatility.

Our most comprehensive & versatile Milling Machine can be reconfigured from Configuration #1 to Configuration #2 in seconds

 The Da Vinci is a versatile milling machine that can be used to mill a range of metals from gold to nickel-chrome or titanium, this makes it ideal for milling guide planes, lingual shelves and implant abutments, additionally with the ever increasing use of implants comes a need to drill precision holes in predetermined locations at exacting angles in Stents & Surgical Templates, its powerful motor produces high torque at low RPM that prevents the plastic (stent /surgical template) from overheating and causing inaccurate hole size.

Additionally you can perform "On the fly milling" i.e., raising and lowering the motor/bur as you are milling side to side, facilitating simultaneous vertical/horizontal milling, this allows you to mill a shelf/shoulder that follows the contour of the gum line. Its dual arm design allows you to dedicate each arm for a specific task, the motor can be mounted on either arm to accommodate left hand users, and additional feature is its ability to rapidly set/adjust the vertical height of the motor/arm. 

 Its dual (right & left) triple jointed Hand-Rests support and track the movement of the high torque variable speed motor.

The non-motor arm can be used for Surveying or Tapping Threads.

 The motor comes with collets that allow it to accept friction grip, lab-handpiece, 3mm, and Ferraro burs (collets provide greater accuracy than 3 jaw chuck).

List of included components.

High Torque Motor, Foot Pedal, six Collets, Assortment of Milling Burs, Milling Fluids, Milling Wax, Drilling Attachment,

Surveying -Tapping-Attachment

List price $5,950.00 US Currency

Manufactured and serviced in the USA.

The Da Vinci is not  mass-produced they are assembled as needed therefore please allow two weeks lead time. 


Featuring our X-Y Axis Table  that allows you to precisely move the model in two directions i.e. "X" axis is left and right and the "Y" axis moves towards or away from you.

Mount X-Y Table on milling machine

Mount Tilt Model Platform on X-Y table


# 1

# 2




 1. Remove tilting model platform from the Da Vinci

 2. Remove metal pin from tilting model platform

 3. Insert #2 on square Surveyor Base #3 or on X-Y Table

 4. If inserted on square base #4 it can now be used with a Ney Surveyor




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