Advanced Surveying Instrument

Double jointed arms in a small package


New for 2011

The Compact Series

With many of the same features as our MX-Series only COMPACT

MX-7 Compact

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List Price  $1,200.00 U.S. Dollars

The Carbon Marker Attachment has a mechanical feed and uses four inch lead,  Black, Red and Blue lead available

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A Surveyor now, a Milling Machine four minutes later.


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Advanced Surveying Instrument with
Milling Machine up-grade capability

New for 2011 Offset-Column-Arm

Some of the many features

The Offset Column Arm makes positioning of the under-cut tools or carbon marker easy and accurate

Double jointed arms for fluid movement

Same Model Tilt Platform as our MX-7 Milling MachineM7

Adjustable spring tension device holds surveying tool in place

No screws to tighten or loosen when changing undercut tools

Comes with four inch carbon markers Black, Red and Blue

Push button to extend lead

This unit can be up-graded to a Milling Machine in your lab it will take approximately 4 minutes to  make the up-grade. New for 2011 Offset-Column-Arm






This is the same motor that is used in our MX-Series


 Our electric motor has high torque from 5,000 to 20,000 RPM.

 The motor comes with collets that allow it to accept friction grip, lab-handpiece, 3mm, and  Ferraro burs (collets provide greater accuracy than 3 jaw chuck).

 The Milling Machine Up-Grade can be preformed in the comfort of your own lab.

It can be installed or removed in minutes

Can your Surveyor
 do this?

Photo shows the Compact-7

 with Milling Up-Grade

Compact-7 surveyor


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