Ferraro Engineering was started in 1991 by Vincent Ferraro a former technician and lab owner.

Vince's  passion for technical, mechanical and graphics disciplines lead him to start taking college classes to include drafting, machine technology, electronics, computer sciences, web site design and graphic's for web sites. He has now adding video production to his list.

As a former technician he has unique perspective of how equipment should be designed and equally important how it should function.

Not satisfied with that alone Vince added the concept of designing equipment that has interchangeable parts allowing even the basic MX series to be up-graded / re-configured to our most sophisticated and comprehensive series, extending the usefulness and functionality well beyond equipment not designed with this concept.

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Because Ferraro Engineering is a manufacturer (not just a importer) with machine shop capabilities Vince was able to offer another unique concept Custom Designed Instruments for the lab that requires specific features.