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Manufacture of Innovative Dental Lab  Equipment.
Specializing in Milling,  Model & Die technology and Porcelain Sculpturing Instruments.

Dental Milling Machine Headquarters

For tech support or purchasing info call 

Vince 520-378-6597

Please visit our Tech-Video page

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Manufacture & Supplier of

Dental Milling Machines - Dental Milling Instruments - Dental Milling Attachments - Electric Dental Milling Machine - Pneumatic (Air) Dental Milling Machine - Dental Milling Devices - Dental Surveyor-Dental Surveyor Milling Attachments - Dental Stent Drilling Machines - Dental Surgical Template Drilling Machines - Dental Technical Articles - Technical Support for Dental Attachments and Dental Implants - Dental Milling Burs - Dental Mills - Dental Drills - Dental Stent Drills-Dental Milling Fluids - Dental Milling Wax - Dental Power Die Sectioning Saw - Dental Power Model Saw - Dental Model and Die Sectioning Vises - Dental Model and Die Sectioning Hand Saws - Dental Model Saw - Dental Die Saw - Dental Saw Blades. Dental Porcelain-Dental Technical Training Videos

 Carving/Sculpturing Instruments, Dental Porcelain Condensing Instruments. Dental Porcelain Vibrating/Condensing Instruments,  Compact Series of Dental instruments and our Dental Training Videos.

We introduced our first Dental Milling Machine the MX-5 in 1994

Link to Technical Article 
The Mechanics of Milling
Milling Machines Burs Waxes Fluids Terminology










  *  Manufactured and serviced in the USA

For tech support or purchasing info call  Vince 520-378-6597
















































Graphics & Photos by Vincent Ferraro

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